Plans for IASIL JAPAN 2012 Conference

At the Committee Meeting held on March 17,
plans for the 29th Conference of IASIL-JAPAN have been confirmed.

Dates: Oct. 6 (Sat.) & Oct 7(Sun)
Venue: Meiji University
Theme: “Irish Voyages”
Guest Speakers:
Dr. Sinead Morrissey (Poet)
Dr. Irene de Angelis (Under negotiation.)

Symposium1: “Between Islands”
Chair: Ken’ichi Matsumura (Chuo University)
Panelists: Masaaki Takeda (The University of Tokyo), Hiroko Ikeda (Hiroshima City University), Ken’ichi Matsumura (Chuo University)

Symposium2: “Taking Wings: Birds and Flight in Irish Writing”
Chair: (to be fixed)
Panelists: Beverly Curran (Aichi Shukutoku University), Mitsuko Ohno (Aichi Shukutoku University), Others (to be fixed)

カテゴリー: IASIL Japan Annual Conference   パーマリンク


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