CFP: International Yeats Studies

Deadline 15 November 2016

International Yeats Studies welcomes articles on any aspect of Yeats’s life and work. We also invite reviews and perspectives from the field. Submissions are double peer-reviewed, with at least one reviewer from the IYS editorial board.

Essays should be no more than 8,000 words in length. Review essays should be no more than 3,000 words, with shorter reviews of a length agreed by the book reviews editor. Submissions should comply with Chicago style, with endnotes and bibliography. Please use the Variorum Editions when quoting Yeats’s poems and plays and the Collected Edition of the Works for quoting prose works. It may be appropriate to also cite earlier and/or other editions. The notes for contributors can be found here:

Please send contributions to by 15 November 2016 for publication in May 2017.

International Yeats Studies is published jointly by Clemson University Press and Liverpool University Press.

The inaugural issue, forthcoming in December 2016, will include: ‘“Grant me an old man’s frenzy”: Age and Rage on the Stage’ by Alexandra Poulain; ‘Words for Music? Perhaps.’ by Margaret Mills Harper; ‘The Space-Minded Dramaturgy of W.B. Yeats in Theory and Practice’ by Melinda Szüts; review of At the Hawk’s Well (A sólyam kútjánál) in performance, by Matthew M. DeForrest; new readings of ‘Easter, 1916’, from Joseph Valente, Matthew Campbell, Lucy McDiarmid, and Charles I. Armstrong.

General Editor: Dr. Lauren Arrington, University of Liverpool

Book Reviews Editor: Dr. Tara Stubbs, University of Oxford

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