Institute of Irish Studies, Waseda University: New Year’s Talking Session

National Identity in Ireland: From the Foundation of the Free State to the Troubles in The North

PART I (From the Free State to the Republic) 15:00~16:30
Chair Kazuo Oikawa (Waseda University): Rural Community in the 1930s in Dancing at Lughnasa by Brian Friel
Hironao Kobayashi (Hitotsubashi University): 1922–James Joyce and the Free State
Rieko Yamashita (Musashino University, Seijo University): Shaping of Irish Dance as  National Identity
Hitoshi Ebishima (Seijo University): Changing Sports in Ireland—The Symbol of the Vacillation of National Identity

PART II (Perspectives from Ulster) 16:40~18:00
Toru Sato (Aoyamagakuin University): Poetic Imagination of Ulster
Yuko Chiba (Aoyamagakuin University): Ulster Seen from the Stand-Points of Minority Groups
Hiroko Mikami (Waseda University): The Troubles and Theatre—From a Perspective of Post-9.11
Date: 27 January (Sat.) 15:00~18:00
Place: No.16 Building (16 Gou-Kan) Waseda University (Close to the West Gate of the Main Campus)

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