Professor John McCourt Lectures

October 7th, Sunday, 3:00 pm ~6:00 pm
Hosei University in Tokyo, BT Skyhall (法政大学 BTスカイホール)
Title: “‘Little read by sane folk’: the fate of Ulysses in 20s and 30s Ireland”.

October 10th, Wednesday, Start at 2:55 pm (60 mins lecture)
Doshisha University in Kyoto, Imadegawa Campus, Tokushokann Ground Floor Meeting Room (同志社大学今出川キャンパス徳照館一階会議室)
Title: “Joyce’s many paths to Ulysses

For details please go to The James Joyce Society of Japan website:

This is an introductory lecture which shows how Joyce gathered the material for Ulysses in both at home in Dublin and in exile in his adopted home in Trieste. It will discuss the importance of exile for Joyce, look at how he transformed his vision of Dublin in Dubliners from that of a paralysed city to the more expansive and cosmopolitan city evoked in Ulysses. It will situate Joyce’s work within the contexts of the Irish Revival and of European modernism.

Professor McCourt is the author of Joyce in Context (2014), Roll Away the Real World: James Joyce and Cinema (2010), The Years of Bloom: James Joyce in Trieste, 1904-1920 (2000), James Joyce a Passionate Exile (1999), and many other articles and references on Joyce. He is one of the founding members of Trieste Joyce School. He taught at University of Rome and now teaches at University of Macerata (Universita di Macerata), Italy. Kyoko Miyata published her Japanese translation of The Years of Bloom with Suiseisha last year. (『ブルームの歳月――トリエステのジェイムズ・ジョイス 1904-1920』宮田恭子訳、水声社、2017年)

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