Ondrej Pilny Lecture at Seikei University

The guest speaker of IASIL Japan conference, Dr. Ondrej Pilny is giving a lecture at Seikei University on 15 October. You are welcome to attend the lecture.

“Constructing the Irish in Central Europe: German Travel Narratives and Czech Political Emancipation in the Mid-19th Century”

Time and Date: 17.00-19.00, Monday, 15 October
Venue: 第2中会議室 (Meeting Room 2), 2nd floor, Bldg. 10


Supported by The JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B) 2018
“Prague and Dublin: Spaces of discourse on ghosts and media: aspects of ‘translation’ between cultures”

Please note that the Main Gate will close at 18.00. If you are coming late, please make sure you arrive no later than 18.00.

科研基盤研究(B) 「プラハとダブリン、亡霊とメディアの言説空間―複数の文化をつなぐ《翻訳》の諸相」研究会 Ondrej Pilny 教授講演

日時:10月15日月曜日 17時ー19時
場所:成蹊大学 10号館2階 第2中会議室



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