IASIL Japan Scholarship for postgraduate students

1. IASIL Japan offers a scholarship for a postgraduate student in Japan,
which subsidises a part of their travel expenses to attend the IASIL conference.

2. The applicant is eligible if he/she:
(a) Is a member of IASIL Japan.
(b) Has a full and active affiliation with an academic institution as a postgraduate student.
(c) Has his/her conference paper accepted by the IASIL conference organisers.

3. The application for the scholarship will be considered by the Executive Committee of IASIL Japan.

4. The successful applicant will be awarded 50,000 yen for his/her travel expenses.
He/She will be asked to send the IASIL Japan office a report of his/her travel expenses and a photocopy of the receipt for his/her air ticket.

5. Applications and referee forms must both be sent to the secretary by 31 January 2020.
Applicants will be informed of the results at the end of March.
Note: The IASIL Japan scholarship is independent of the IASIL scholarships in the sense that applicants can apply to both scholarships, using the same application format. Also, applicants, if he/she wishes can apply for the IASIL Japan Scholarship alone. However, successful applicants for the IASIL scholarship cannot also receive the IASIL Japan scholarship. In that case, the IASIL Japan scholarship goes to next most qualified candidate.


Scholarship Application Form in MS WORD format: Scholarship_AF2020
Scholarship Referee Report Form in MS WORD format: Scholarship_RR2020


For IASIL 2020 Confernce at University of Lodz, Poland. 20-24 July, 2020, go to





For IASIL Scholarship for the 2020 Conference, go to http://iasil.uni.lodz.pl/home/

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