Eoin McNamee’s reading at Waseda University

Our guest artist for this year’s conference, Eoin McNamee reads from his work at Waseda University on Wednesday, 16th October. You are very welcome to attend.

Eoin McNamee’s Lecture

Dete and Time: Wednesday 16th October, 14:45 -

Venue: Room 701, Building 11, Waseda University (Waseda Campus)

Access: https://www.waseda.jp/top/access/waseda-campus

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Important!: Changes in 2019 Conference Programme

Dear All,

Due to the typhoon, we are having to rearrange many things at the IASIL Japan conference.

The revised version of the programme can be found and downloaded below.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

SATURDAY 12 October:  3rd floor, Building 10, Konan Women’s University

9:30-10:00           Registration                                                    Entrance

10:00-10:15          Opening Addresses                             Room 1034

1. Andrew Fitzsimons (President, IASIL Japan)

2. Prof. Stephen H. Brown (Director of Center for External Affairs and Development, Konan Women’s University)

10:15- Papers

Panel Session 1                         Room 1034

Masahiko Yahata, “Anna Burns, Milkman, and Northern Ireland: Look Back on the Past and Look Forward to the Future”

Lianghui Li, “Art and Narration in Sara Baume’s A Line Made by Walking”

Daniel K. Jernigan, “Dramatic and Existential Borders in Marina Carr’s By the Bog of Cats . . .”

                Chair: Andrew Fitzsimons

Panel Session 2:                         Room 1035

Iain Twiddy, “Famine as Borderland in Contemporary Irish Poetry”

Youngmin Kim, “Border Crossing of the Strangeness in William Butler Yeats’s Unity of Being”                                                                                               Chair: Yoko Sato

Tomoya Arai, “Women and the Question of Eating in Ulysses”

Chair: Kumiko Yamada

Tsung Chi Chang, “Border-cross Challenge for Ba Jin: Translating Oscar Wilde’s Fairy Tales into Chinese”

Chair: Kimiyo Ogawa

Symposium 1 is cancelled due to the weather condition.


SUNDAY 13 October: Konan Gakuen Hirao Kinenkan

10:00-10:30          Registration                                                                  2nd-floor lobby

10:30-11:30          Guest Lecture: Aileen Douglas (Trinity College Dublin)  

2nd-floor hall

“Hyde and Seek: self, other, and corporeal limits in the writings of Jonathan Swift”

                                                     Introduction: Haruko Takakuwa

11:40-12:30           Reading and Q&A: Eoin McNamee                         2nd-floor hall

Introduction: Andrew Fitzsimons

12:30-13:40          Lunch and Annual General Meeting                   1st-floor lounge

13:40-16:00          Symposium 2                                                                   2nd-floor hall

“Crossing/Negotiating Borders: gender and nation in Ireland under the Union”

Chair: Haruko Takakuwa (Ochanomizu University)

Panelists: Hiroko Ikeda (Kyoto University), Kimiyo Ogawa (Sophia University),

Masaya Shimokusu (Doshisha University)

Commentator: Aileen Douglas

16:00                   Closing Address: Toshiki Tatara (Secretary, IASIL Japan)    2nd-floor hall

Download the Revised Version of the Conference programme here: IASIL Programme revised


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Final Decision: We hold the IASIL Conference as shceduled.

Dear All,

The office of IASIL Japan has decided to hold the conference both on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th as scheduled. (The reception party was already cancelled, though)

From what we can see, it looks like the city of Kobe will be spared the worst of the storm. However, people traveling from (and to) Kanto on Saturday will face difficulties. You can withdraw participation if you are concerned about the inclement weather and the expected disruption of public transportation.

It is a pity if you cannot come, but your safety is first priority.

We will updates you the important changes via email, our website (http://iasil.jp/news/), twitter (https://twitter.com/IASIL_Japan) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/IASILJapan/).


IASIL Japan Office


IASIL Japan 第36回年次大会は、予定通り、10月12日(土)・13日(日)の両日とも開催いたします。



IASIL Japan事務局

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Cancellation of the reception (buffet party) on Saturday 12 October

Dear All,

The office of IASIL Japan has decided to cancel the reception, which was originally scheduled to be held in the evening on Saturday 12 October. We are concerned about your safety since the typhoon is approaching the city of Kobe on Saturday evening.

At this stage (8th October), we are going to hold the conference itself as scheduled. However, further changes and decisions will possibly be made, depending on the path of the typhoon.

We will update you the important changes via email, our website (http://iasil.jp/news/), twitter (https://twitter.com/IASIL_Japan) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/IASILJapan/).

Thank you for your understanding.



IASIL Japan 第36回年次大会のプログラムのうち、10月12日(土)夕方に予定しておりました懇親会は中止となりました。台風19号の接近に伴い、参加者の安全を考慮したものです。




Twitter: https://twitter.com/IASIL_Japan

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IASILJapan/

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Eoin McNanee Reading at Gakushuin University

This year’s guest artist at IASIL Japan Conference, Mr. Eoin McNamee is reading from his works at Gakushuin University on 16 October. You are most welcome to the reading session.

Eoin McNamee: A Reading

Date and Time: 18:00-19:00, Wednesday, 16 October
Venue: 学習院大学 中央教育研究棟12階 国際会議場

For more details, please see the flyer: McNamee Reading Session.

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Aileen Douglas Lecture at Doshisha University

The guest speaker of IASIL Japan conference, Prof. Aileen Douglas is giving a lecture at Doshisha University on 14 October. You are welcome to attend the lecture.

Alphabets, Black Arts, and Cyphers: Writing, Gender, and Jonathan Swift

Time and date: 14:55-16:25, Monday, 14 October
Venue: Meeting Room, 6th Floor, Kanbaikan, Doshisha University (同志社大学寒梅館6階大会議室)https://www.doshisha.ac.jp/en/information/campus/imadegawa/overview.html

For more detail, please see: Prof Douglas’s Lecture at Doshisha

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IASIL Japan 2019 Conference: Registration now open!

Registration is now open at our Conference page: http://iasil.jp/conference.html Please register by 24 September 2019.

There are a limited number of restaurants and shops around the venue on both days. Please consider ordering a lunch box through the registration form.

The conference programme, the book of abstracts, posters are downloadable on the same page.

Also, IASIL Japan Newsletter (September 2019) is downloadable here: 2019 NL 2 0905

We hope to see you in October!

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CALL FOR PAPERS! IASIL Japan 2019 Conference

Plans for the IASIL Japan 2019 Conference, “Borderlands”
Dates: 12-13 October
Venue: Konan Women’s University <https://www.konan-wu.ac.jp/en/access/>
Guest Speakers: Aileen Douglas (Trinity College Dublin) and Eoin McNamee
Symposium 1: “Crossing/Negotiating Borders: gender and nation in Ireland under the Union” (tentative title)
Chair: Haruko Takakuwa
Panelists: Hiroko Ikeda, Saeko Nagashima, Kimiyo Ogawa, Masaya Shimokusu
Symposium 2: “Borderlands between Various Art Forms” (tentative title)
Chair: To be announced
Panelists: Richard Kelly, Akiko Manabe, Hiroko Mikami, Naoko Toraiwa

Call for Papers!
Applicants for a 20-minute paper reading are requested to send a synopsis of 250–300 words as a Word attachment to IASIL Japan office at secretary[at]iasil.jp. *[at] = @

Besides the synopsis itself, please send details of the author’s affiliation, full postal and e-mail addresses, and telephone and fax numbers by 31st May.

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Reminder: the Deadline forSubmission to the JIS

This is just a friendly reminder that the deadline of for submission to the 2019 issue of the Journal of Irish Studies (JIS) is 25 April 2019.

For more details, please see the following pages:




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Announcement: Seamus Heaney Award, Japan

Announcement: Seamus Heaney Award, Japan

Literary relations between Japan and Ireland might be said to date back to Jonathan Swift’s Lemuel Gulliver, who landed near Edo (Tokyo), albeit briefly, the only real location he visited on his fantastic voyage. Two hundred years later, another voyager, Lafcadio Hearn landed, but stayed longer, becoming eventually a Japanese citizen. Hearn is well known in Japan for his adaptations of Japanese folktales, which, some argue, betray the indelible mark left by his Irish upbringing.

At the turn of the twentieth century, Japanese scholars and writers, such as Yone Noguchi, were some of the first to take a serious interest in the work of W. B. Yeats, an interest that was reciprocated by Yeats, in his adaptations of Noh drama, and in the many poems that reveal the hold that Japanese culture had on the thrust of his imaginative life. It would now be impossible to do justice to the range of poets, novelists, playwrights, academics, translators and scholars, in both countries, whose work has added to this tradition. The distinguished and sustained nature of this work, particularly over the last thirty years, make it appropriate for the Embassy of Ireland, Japan, in conjunction with IASIL Japan, to establish an award to recognise outstanding contribution to the enhancement of literary relations between Ireland and Japan.

To name this award the Seamus Heaney Award, Japan, is to honour a poet whose work, and whose presence on many occasions in Japan, played a vital role in inspiring much of the work that the award will recognise, and to acknowledge in an official manner, and continue, a relationship with Japan which was substantial, sustained, and marked by mutual affection and regard.

The award will be administered biennially by IASIL Japan under the auspices of the Embassy of Ireland, Japan, and to be given to: a work/body of work of outstanding literary merit; an outstanding work/body of work of translation and/or scholarship. Nominations are requested from relevant literary and scholarly associations and institutions, in Japan and Ireland. The nominations will be evaluated by a panel of well-qualified judges drawn from among these nominating organizations. The award itself will be a citation of the recipient’s outstanding contribution to literary exchange between Ireland and Japan, on a specially commissioned piece by Richard Gorman, an Irish artist whose own work has had a long association with Japan.

Nominations, to be received by November 30, 2019, can be sent by email using the subject line ‘Seamus Heaney Award Japan Nomination’ to:

IASIL Japan Office: secretary[at]iasil.jp


Embassy of Ireland, Japan: TokyoEmbassy[at]dfa.ie

*[at] = @

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