IASIL 2024 Tokyo


The 2024 Conference of
the International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures

5-9 August 2024, Gakushuin University

‘Aftermaths’ is a complex and multifaceted theme, especially in relation to Irish literature. Essentially, ‘aftermath’ refers to the consequences or effects of an historical event, usually one that has had a significant impact on society, culture, and politics. Ireland has experienced numerous historical events that have had a profound impact on its society and culture, including the Great Famine, the Easter Rising, and the ‘Troubles’, the post-‘Celtic Tiger’ period, the abortion referendum, the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandals, and more recently, the Covid and post-Covid period. These events have left a lasting legacy on Irish society and culture, a legacy explored time and time again in Irish literature. By exploring the impact of historical events on Irish society and culture, Irish literature has provided valuable insights into the ways in which societies remember and understand their past and imagined their futures.

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